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Pool Safety Systems Installs Pool Safety Covers & Child-resistant Pool Safety Fences in NJ, NY, PA, CT


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Pool Safety Fences
by Pool Safety Systems  
(NJ, NY, PA & CT)

At Pool Safety Systems, we don't believe in taking chances. Concerned parents know it takes only seconds for a heartbreaking accident to occur. That's why we have developed a pool safety fencing system that has been chosen by thousands of safety-conscious parents to keep their pool a place to enjoy.

"A Quality Child-Resistant
Removable Pool Safety Fence
helps keep your children safe
from accidentally falling
into the pool. "

We want to be clear.   Pool Safety Fencing does not replace adult supervision.  But it does make your job a lot easiers!   Pool Safety Fencing combined with proper adult supervision provides the ultimate in child protection.

See our Pool Safety Tips for more tips on
keeping your children safe around the pool.
And sign up to get our Pool safety tips
as a printable booklet and poster!

Pool Safety Systems is a Pool Sitters factory trained authorized dealer and installer. Pool Sitters is a leading manufacturer of removable swimming pool safety fence. Pool Sitter's "Builders Fence" product is one of the first pool fence brands to meet the new ASTM standard for pool safety fencing. Our highly trained and experienced installers will install your pool safety fencing to meet and even exceed the exacting safety standards established by our manufacturer.

POOL FENCES by  Pool Safety Systems Child Safety Pool Covers


Pool Fence Safety Poles & Gates

The extra-strong, marine quality aluminum pools which support our Pool Safety Fences were engineered specifically for Pool Safety Systems with unique Pool Safety Systems Installs  PoolSafety Fences in NJ, NY, PA, CT by Pool Sitter, We recommend Pool Designer & Installers, Anthony Sylvan, Blue Haven, Carlton Pools Y-

Core construction for added rigidity. They are force-fitted into non-conductive plastic sleeves embedded in the pool's surrounding deck surface.

The pool fencing is available in heights of 42", 48", and 60", meeting every customer's need and all building codes. Pool Gates are equipped with strong, rust-resistant, child safety latches.

Pool Safety Fence - Poles lllllllll

Our Pool Fences are Easily Removable

On those occasions when you want open access to your pool area, an adult can disassemble and wind up the pool safety fencing, in just minutes! Convenient caps are provided to cover the insert sleeves when the pool safety fence is not in use.

POOL FENCES by  Pool Safety Systems in NJ, NY, NYC, PA

POOL FENCES by  Pool Safety Systems

Our Pool Fences are Fully Guaranteed!

Every part of our Pool Safety Fencing including poles, mesh, and hardware is unconditionally guaranteed, under normal use, for as long as the original purchaser owns the fence, by the manufacturer. If any service should be required, it will be performed at no charge, by Pool Safety Systems.

How do I get a Free Estimate? 

Simply give us a call at 888) 255-8800  and we'll be happy to send a Pool Safety System representative to your home anywhere in NJ, NY City Metro Area, PA & CT. At no cost or obligation to you, we'll do a free safety survey and estimate of the cost to install Pool Safety System fencing to protect your children.

You can also contact us by email.

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Pool Safety Systems is located in Kinnelon NJ, and installs Pool Covers and Pool Fences in New Jersey, NJ, PA, NY, NYC, and CT